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With a single <script> you can toggle a customizable maintenance page in 1-Click
Features & Solutions

Web, mobile, or API developer? We have your maintenance solution. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Choose between either our low-codeCustomizable Maintenance Page(suitable for websites) or paste your ownCustom JSON Payload(suitable for mobile apps and APIs) and we'll send it to you whenever you enable maintenance mode.

Automated Maintenance Page
Customizable Maintenance Page
Suitable for:

We'll take care of everything for you. Just include a single JavaScript file and use our automated page builder to design the custom page that will be shown to your users when you toggle maintenance on.

Customize your maintenance page with your own brand colors and logo.

Automated Maintenance Page
Simply include our script in your website. It's that simple.
Custom JSON Payload Editor
Custom Payload (JSON)
Suitable for:
Mobile Apps
Custom UX

Prefer to handle everything yourself? No problem.

Define your own custom JSON payload and we'll send this to you whenever your project is in maintenance mode.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Save your developers time. Keep your users happy.

No More Deploys

No more deployments to enable maintenance mode

No need to deploy code updates just to toggle maintenance pages. This is a thing of the past.

Simply toggle maintenance mode on and off with a single click.

No more social media updates

Don't keep your users in the dark.

Resorting to social media updates to let your users know how your maintenance is tracking?

You can communicate with your users directly in realtime, via your maintenance page.

Simply update the copy of your maintenance page and we'll deliver it to your users in realtime.

No refreshes

No need for your users to refresh web pages

Worried about users doing a final action after you've already toggled maintenance mode?

We've got you covered.

We'll automatically show your maintenance page if they're already on your website, without them even having to refresh the page. Instantly..

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